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Re: [IPp] Re: 6th Animas pump

we had several packs, the whole 10 of them over a period of a yr, we only got 
one strip at a time from disetronic, that worked only a few seconds some 
maybe an hour. they did replace them but sometimes we didn't have any 
batteries that worked as the whole strip that we thought we had didn't work. 
this was a major problem as neither pump would work without a battery.
the disetronic h-tron is a nice pump for a kid starting out on a pump, it 
doesn't have any of the frills, or any way to tell how much insulin your 
child got say yesterday or last week etc. only if you read the pump prior to 
midnight and figure out how much more basal is going to be given, our endo 
needs this info to regulate her doses and basals for the next three months, 
when i am working 11-7 or 7p-7a it was impossible for me to get the reading 
off the machine before midnite.
now i still believe any pump is better than no pump, and people looking to 
get a pump just need to check all the pumps out before they make their 
decision. some may not want a lot of other features, some may want the two 
pump feature, some may want water proof feature. there are many reasons to 
look at all the available pumps, including the dana and daihedi.
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