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Re: [IPp] POP Statistics?

> Michael--I looked at your statistics on HgBA1C and identifying "best" and
> "worst" levels will only give people, especially parents a feeling of guilt
> and saddness if their child's A1C is in the 7.5 range.  That isn't a "bad"
> level---especially for kids that are growing, ill over the winter etc.  You
> need to be especially careful of the labels that you apply to statistics so
> that you don't ruin your own message--that pumps are great and great for
> kids.  Mary, mother of Chris, age 7, diagnosed at 3.

The labels are the averages of the 'best' and 'worst' for individuals 
and don't carry any other meaning. Perhaps 'highest' and 'lowest' 
would be more politically correct :-)

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