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[IPp] Re: 6th Animas pump

Just to clarify things... Any comments I have made are not meant at all to 
knock the Animas pump.  I really liked the Animas and did seriously consider 
switching to it.  I especially liked the company story and the fact that it 
has a woman as the founder!  I have recommended to many parents who want to 
start their very young kids on pumps to have a good look at the Animas.  
Also, I think that several glitches with the Animas have had a good length of 
time now to be worked out.  For us though, purchasing a pump one year ago, 
reliability was paramount.  NPH isn't an option for Claire to fall back on, 
and Lantus is not available in Canada, nor will be in the foreseeable future. 
That being said, we do really love our H-tron--clear pump currently in use, 
while Bluey has a rest.  Battery problems from last year now seem to be 
resolved (though we never had any battery work less than 3 weeks), current 
ones have been in use for 3 months.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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