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Re: [IPp] Re: 6th Animas pump???

i had problems just like that with the h-tron and it took them many weeks to 
repair/replace her pump and in the mean time i still only had the one pump 
and when i got the replacement one back it wasn't programmed right, out area 
rep had changed and the new one, wouldn't come to our house any more and 
wouldn't come out and reprogram it over the phone like the old rep did. we 
were stuck with .5 boluses, which wasn't what our dr had ordered.
i didn't like the fact that disetronic had said they were water proof, then 
said they weren't and then i had two failures with pumps one before they said 
that and one after they said that they weren't water proof.
i still do have one working h-tron i can fall back on as long as it keeps 
working, and i have supplies to last not much the batteries never seemed to 
work often went through 8 trying to get two to work, still have that problem 
when i needed to use it to back up the animas. if they can't make batteries 
that work when you put them in or at least work for a few hours without going 
dead then they really need to rethink their battery packs.
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