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Re: [IPp] POP Statistics?

In a message dated 4/8/2002 7:14:16 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> There are a couple of problems with this concept. The first is that 
>  our data set for kids only is very small. The second it that the data 
>  among kids varies more widely than among adults. There really is no 
>  "average" kids. The are all different sizes, different phases of 
>  growth, etc.... With adults there is a larger sample of individuals 
>  and more standardization in their behavior or lifestyles. I'm not 
>  saying it can't be done, just that we'd need a much larger pool of 
>  kids to sample than adults for the same degree of meaningfulness in 
>  the data.
>  The other thing is..... what data would be interesting that is 
>  specific to kids??

I think pretty much all the same data you have for the overall IP group but 
with just the data on kids/teens (say 18 & under) . . . plus especially 
things like:
age at dx
age started pumping
age now
how long from dx did they start pumping
how long have they been pumping
what pump, set, special adhesives/dressings do they use
What type of insulin do they use in their pump (and have they switched dur to 
problems with site longevity)
A1c data (most recent, best on pumps, worst on pump, typical on pump, best on 
shots, typical on shots, worst on shots)
How frequent BG checks
Do nighttime BG checks?
. . . I'm sure I can think of more, but this is the kind of thing I'd like to 
be able to see . . .

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