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[IPp] Re: 6th Animas pump???

<<well the first pump somehow got water in it while swimming and quit on the 
the second pump just wouldn't beep at all, the third pump got water in it 
also but still worked you could see the water in the screen, the fourth pump 
wouldn't prime or nothing just beep, the fifth pump was fine, but they 
upgraded to another pump. so this is her 6th one from animas. 

still much better than the disetronic h-tron>>

Last year, 3 weeks after purchasing Claire's H-tron pump, I was offered the 
chance to trade it in for free for an Animas, which was just beginning to be 
marketed in Canada.  After considerable research I declined.  The reason was 
that so many people had experiences like those above.  

My reasons for choosing an H-tron pump--reliability, reliability, 
reliability.  The importance of this depends on where you live.  If your pump 
fails, can they get you another one the same day?  If so, it probably doesn't 
matter which pump you purchase.  But if you are looking at 3 days of giving 
your child shots every 5 hours around the clock, you are going to consider 
this factor.  And this happens if your pump fails on a Friday--no courier 
delivery for several days.  

Claire's dear blue and clear pumps are now over one year old.  We have never 
regretted our choice, and I would highly recommend the H-tron to anyone who 
wonders about it.  If I was on my 6th Animas pump, I would ask for my money 
refunded.  I thought it was supposed to be waterproof?  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8.
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