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[IPp] re: pumps - childproof feature

<<From: email @ redacted
Does anyone know if the Minimed pumps are the only ones that are child proof? 
 The Animas and Disetronic do not mention if they are or not on their web 
site.  My son is definately a curious boy...he'd be pushing buttons left and 

Sarah,  Sorry, I didn't catch how old Matthew is.  We went w/ the MiniMed 508
pump ; but we very quickly (like within 2 weeks) found a couple of features
that we don't use:  child program lock & remote control.  We do use the square
wave/dual wave features, and we've been happy with the pumps performance & with
MiniMed's service.  Now if the infusion sets just came with some extra fat for
lean kids....

Anyway, my son Luke was 6 when he got his pump.  He understood VERY quickly (in
the 2 weeks we had before pump training to play around with it so he could see
what a bolus what do, etc. before it was connected to him) that the pump is not
a toy - too much insulin can make him go low.  He understands the value of the
pump, is not intimidated by the buttons (his GameBoy is more complicated), and
does not let anyone else touch it unless we have trained them first.  We
stopped using the child lock right away because we were always changing his
basal in the first couple of months & because we used the square wave bolus a
lot right from the start.  Plus we quickly realized that Luke was very
responsible & no one else was going to mess with his pump. 

Think about all the features that you want, and select the best fit - I don't
know if any of them have everything.  If the Animas has 90% of what you want,
and the 1 feature it's missing is the child lock - my bet is you wouldn't use
it long anyway but ask around.  You can also mix/match infusion sets on the
non-Paradigm pumps.  We got the pump before the upgrade chance but are so used
to the 508 that we're not really interested in changing anyway.  I like the
idea of being able to put more insulin in the cartridge if he needs it, and the
disconnect for swimming/bathing hasn't bothered us at all.

For sets, we HIGHLY recommend the QuickSets (6mm for skinny kids) - they stick
to Luke really well through 4 days of sweating/bathing every day.  We're trying
some Silhouettes now for the skinny tummy areas - will be able to give an
opinion in the future, although they are much scarier looking (longer needle)
than the QuickSets so he's not as keen about them.  I haven't tried the Animas
or Disetronic equivalents because Luke likes the inserters so very much.  (My
technique is pretty poor with manual insertion.)

Good luck - pumping overall is a great thing, although it has its moments.  
Luke loves it and perseveres through all troubles for it, including more
frequent testing.

Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01: MM508 + QuickSets + Novolog
& to Trevor 11 & Kate 9

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