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Re: [IPp] pumps

i had a job at the hospital and had their ins. when we got the h-tron, 
covered 100% even supplies. used that pump(s) for 1 1/2 yrs.
then i changed jobs to a nursing home, had bc/bs of PA ppo, and went to the 
cwd conference last yr in orlando, and checked out the new pumps, esp since 
we needed/wanted a water proof one, the h-tron was declared no longer water 
well the disetronic booth basically blew us off as she already had a d pump. 
and the paradigm was not available only a prototype plastic box, but the 
animas people were great showed us all about the pump, had several to mess 
with, etc, and she ran our ins while we were there and it was approved after 
she talked to our endo a few days later in person. the bc/bs only covered 90% 
and had to meet the $300 deductible.
so basically i owe them some money still. plus they only cover 90% of the 
so the second ins basically didn't know she was already on the pump, i never 
had them pay for pump supplies from disetronic before we ordered the other 
pump or since then either.
our other ins ran out in april, and the new one started in july, she got her 
animas pump after camp in aug. of course we are on like the 6th pump from 
them. but i am still very happy with it and she likes it so much better, she 
doesn't have to push the button 50 times to get 5 units or have the pump set 
on .5 units and can't fix a 130 bs etc. with the animas you decide by holding 
the button down how much you want to get for each bolus or you can push the 
outside button if you want to get insulin
very easy to prime, etc.
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