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[IPp] Re: Pump for 4 year old

Hi Sybil,
     Oh she really is tiny isn't she?  When Claire was dx, she weighed 30 
pounds, but she was just turning 3, and she quickly put on 3 pounds.  
     There is no reason for your endo to prefer Minimed pumps over the 
others, except if perhaps the doctor is a shareholder in the company, which 
can be quite common.  Just tell her that you want an Animas, period.  
     I made Claire some summer clothes with a special pocket for her pump, 
this worked very well with dresses.  But then she just decided that she 
wanted to stick her pump inside her undies and clip it on next to her body.  
I recently met another girl (10 years old) who does the same thing, her 7 
year old brother keeps his in a pocket (another 2 DM child family).  I do 
have some worries about the body heat on the pump at all times, so at night I 
insist that it is in a sock pinned to her jammies.  And now I change the 
cartridge every 8 days, even though it isn't empty.  
     Have you actually seen the Animas pump?  It is very sleek and the clip 
is very nice.  It would suit a young child very well.  
     Claire prefers the longer length tubing.  It seems so long for a child, 
but with this length she can put in on the bed or on the floor when she 
changes her clothes.  Then she just tucks it all in, doesn't even think about 
it.  Even though your little one is so much younger, I'm sure she will adapt 
just as fast.  
     I would definately start her pumping with Novolog.  It would be easier 
for you when ordering supplies, and lets face it, all these little things add 
     Best of luck and make sure you let us know when she is going to start!
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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