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[IPp] Pump for 4 year old daughter

Dear POP List:

I have a 9 year old son on a MINIMED 508.  He has recently gotten on Novolog
and is doing SO MUCH better that I feel like a human again.  I have 5 children
and 2 have diabetes.  The second with D is my 4 year old daughter.

I may be getting my 4 year old a pump soon.  My hold up is the dread of
finding site places on her 28 pound body.  I feel sure Silhouettes is the only
way to go. My son uses Quick Sets.  He is thin and has 4 favorite site places
--but my 4 year old is so tiny and slender -  I feel Quick sets would go in
too deeply.   She is SOOOO cooperative about shots and b.s. checks --is just a
darling child -- I want to do what is best for her.  She has started eating
and snacking more and it is hard to keep up with her b.s. with Humalog shots.
She has just had a growth spurt and has greatly increased her Lantus needed.
She has been high a lot lately. And of course when the basal changes often the
"bolus" shots do too.

I really am thinking the Animas pump will be best since she is so small and it
will give .05 adjustments.  My endo. has never prescribed anything but MINIMED
so I don't know if she will prescribe an Animas, but I think I will hold out
for it.  She is supposed to get a partner in August who has prescribed other
pumps. Animas is supposed to do great pump training.  (IF Dr. will let them.-
Our Dr. had her CDE do the training (rather than MINIMED rep.) and it could
have been a LOT better.)    Mostly, I got help from Pumping Insulin book and
this IP group!!!   If I can learn MINIMED surely I can learn Animas.

I also worry a little about just managing the tubing and wearing the pump with
dresses, etc. but this is probably not something I should be worried about.

Just thought I would put out my latest concern.  I know there has been a lot
of talk about pump brands, etc, but I don't always have time to read the posts

Question: If my son has done soooooo much better on Novolog, would you all
think I should START my daughter out on Novolog in the pump if the endo. will
go for it??  Should I try her on Novolog now for her shots?  Anybody have any
guesses about this?
This is a great list.

Sybil Fisher
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