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[IPp] re: 4 sites in 24 hours - thanks for support

Hello!  Shelly here, mom to Luke, 7, who had 4 sites in 24 hrs
last weekend.  Thanks for the support through the list & off-list
with suggestions, etc.

The first site was actually bent (cannula), and then the reservoirs 
were problems on the others.  On the 4th site the bolus was working 
fine but without corrections he would go back up, so we changed out 
the reservoir only & that site/new reservoir has then worked for 3.5 
days.   Someone else said they had some "sticking" reservoirs recently 
too, although I hope no one else has had as frustrating a time.

Luke is on Novolog, QuickSets, & Mini-Med 508 pump.  Our most common
problem is bent cannulas from very muscular areas, like Luke's tummy,
so we avoid that as much as possible.  Since switching to Novolog last
fall, we really don't have pumping problems very often at all, which
we're very glad for, but when we do have them, it is so frustrating.
Luke was so very very patient through the whole ordeal, helping to find
new sites & drinking water & taking injections if he needed them to
keep ketones at bay.  

Mary Haller - for your son w/ the Sof-Sets falling out in the pool -
you can try Sils which I have very little experience with but I can
vouch for QuickSets staying on in the pool.  Luke swam at daycamp
or with us on the weekend practically every day last summer, and those
sets stay on.  It looks like Sils would work well too.
Thanks again,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 + Trevor 11 & Kate 8

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