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ok Here I go and please forgive me as I am just so tired after this day.

My 12 year old diabetic daughter uses her pump now for one year. We fought and
won the insurance com pany paying partial and all her supplies at 80 %. They
have done this for a year.

Today we received a letter saying our last submission to collect back our
money was denied. WHY I asked? They say we were never approved and that this
is not covered. But when we discussed it, they said the pump was covered in
the policy but not the infusion pump and we would have to re apply and fight
again. The things they denied us are the supplies that are needed for her pump
to work Not a new pump..so they now want paper work from the specialists again
and copies of everything. They will not co-operate unless I redo all. I am
tried and not sure where to start even today.

I managed to get this computer back up running but have lost some major files
and programs including msn. So please think of me in the next  few days as I
try to fix the pump infusion confusion and my computer problem. If I go among
the missing, you will know I am not on a vacation but searching through a
jungle of paper work and computer parts.

Hugs and blessings to you
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