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Re: [IPp] Swimming

In a message dated 4/16/2002 8:07:18 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My question is.... how are you getting the site to stay on?  I have just
>  requested a sample of Mastisol from Medtronic to see if this keeps the site
>  on while swimming.  What is everyone out there using?  

Mastisol works great for us.  We paint it on with a q-tip (we have a bottle 
of it, not the individual applicators you're probably going to get from MM) 
in the shape of a bullseye (the adhesive tape for the Quick-sets is round) -- 
the circle in the middle of the bullseye has no Mastisol, and that is where 
we insert the cannula.  The Mastisol is pretty wet when you put it on, we've 
found that we get the best "stickability" when we fan it for a few seconds 
until it is tacky (not wet, and not dry, but sticky) before we insert the set 
. . . there are other liquid adhesives on the market that you can try, as 
well as different kinds of tape/dressings, if Mastisol doesn't turn out to be 
the answer for you  . . .

Good Luck!

Pumpmama to Katie
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