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Re: [IPp] Swimming

In a message dated 4/16/2002 7:57:43 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> n my "Pumping Insulin" book, it suggests giving a bolus for 80% of the
>  basal rate if you plan on being disconnected for 1 - 3 hours.  But I worry
>  this will make her too low, with the added exercise.  Has anyone tried this
>  before?  If so, did it seem to work well or did it make their sugar drop 
>  much? 

The general rule we were taught for lengthy periods of being disconnected is 
to bolus 50% (rather than 80%) of the basals you expect to miss.  We used 
this when Katie was Ice Skating (the only physical activity that she always 
chooses to connect for).  I prefer the 50% to the 80% because you don't 
always know how long they'll actually be disconnected for and because you 
don't necessarily know how vigorous the level of activity will be.  It's 
easier to re-connect an bolus a bit more to bring them down if needed than to 
have to feed the insulin . . .

Katie doesn't disconnect for pool time (she has an Animas pump), but we 
usually set at temp basal of -50% or sometimes a zero basal depending on how 
cold the water is in relation to air temp and how vigorous we expect the 
activity level to be.  we generally check her BG levels every hour to hour 
and a half because of the unpredictability of what time water will do to her 
BG levels. 

> It is also difficult to get her to stop long enough to eat a snack
>  when she is low.  Does anyone have suggestions on fast, 15 carb snacks that
>  are handy for swimming sessions??

Pool time always seems to make my daughter ravenous -- so getting her to 
snack is definitely not a problem.  However, for other physical activities 
she generally doesn't like to eat before or during.  We generally avoid the 
necessity of a snack on those occasions by using temp basals -- but if she 
does end up needing carbs to bring her up, I usually find that it's easier to 
get her to drink the carbs than eat them.  The small Juicy Juice boxes (about 
4 oz) have 17 grams of carbs, or I pour servings of Gatorade into those 
Rubbermaid sipper bottles you can get at the grocery store.  If you need a 
drinkable snack that will "stick around" a little more than quick carbs like 
juice we found that chocolate milk worked pretty well for us (when Katie was 
on MDI).

Pumpmama to Katie 
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