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Re: [IPp] Swimming

> Yesterday she was 81 before her class
> and had already been swimming for 1/2 hour, so I gave her a small
> snack, knowing that it was most likely going to go down.  An hour
> and a half later, after swimming, she was 270!  I don't understand
> it.  Granted, she is off her pump that entire time, so she was off
> for two hours.  But another time she will finish and be low 37 - Any
> help??

Hi Barb,

Lily was on swim team for a while so I can relate a little to your 
problems. A couple of things may be in play here that Jessica must 
deal with. The exercise combined with the heat loss through the skin 
in contact with water drive her low. The lack of free insulin when 
her body demands glucose can make her high. One possible solution is 
a before swim snack, small - carbs + the insulin to match the carbs. 
This guarantees that there is free insulin available in her blood 
stream. While swimming (work-out mode) she probably needs an 
additional 10-15 grams of carb per hour just to break even. Lily used 
to take wheat thins to practice with her and munch a few now and 
then. When she scuba dives, she eats a half a power-bar before her 
dive + insulin (she tends to go high while diving).

Maybe some of these ideas will work for Jessica.

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