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RE: [IPp] Swimming

> I really worry about this same issue.  This will be our first summer
> on the pump.  My daughter just loves to swim and would spend hours
> in the kiddy pool.  This seemed a little easier to do on shots, but
> I'm worried about her being disconnected for that long.  We do not
> have our paradigm yet, but it only waterproof for 30 minutes anyway.

Playing in the water is not the same as a swim team workout. The 
workout involves up to an hour or more of continuous heavy exertion 
and can really drain you of energy. Playing in the water is usually a 
break even proposition. i.e. the heat and energy loss pretty much 
balances the lack of insulin while playing --- at least that's the 
way it always worked for Lily ..... 8 years with diabetes at the 
beach, pools, Lake Tahoe. She would check every now and then, when 
hungry, whatever and either bolus a little or have some chips, etc...
rarely did her bg's get very far off from target while swim/playing.

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