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[IPp] Novolog vs. Humalog

We tried novolog and went back to Humalog.  My son who is 10 loves his
pump for the simple reason that he can snack when he wants to.  When he
was on novolog and snacking and bolusing and decreasing the amount he
bolused if it was close together he would have lows.  He even had one so
sever one night that I had to use glucagon.  I should add that the
reason we tried the novolog is that our insurance considers that insulin
generic and then of course the copay and payment is less so since
everyone said it is the same but from a different company, structurally
a little different, we tried it.  But after that sever low I new there
was a difference.  Than in " Diabetes Review", they compared the
insulin's and they said that peaking for humalog was 30 -90 minutes with
a duration 5hr or less, and for novolog peaking was 1-3 hours and the
duration was from 3 - 5 hours.  If their information is right, a peak
area of 30 minutes compared to 2 hour is a big difference especially if
you are a snacker.  At any rate we went back to the humalog and have not
had any more severe lows.  Everyone is different and I'm glad it works
for some but not for us.
Joyce mom of Carl dx 4/98, pumping for 11 months.
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