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Re: [IPp] basals for teenagers

> Kathy,
> I am glad to hear from someone else that their child is also taking
> higher amounts of insulin.  The last time we were in to see our endo
> he felt like she was taking ENTIRELY too much insulin per day.  I am
> not sure how we can cut it anymore unless I would just exercise the
> heck out of her.

Endos unfamiliar with the insulin requirements of a growing child 
commonly make this mistake. We went through this with our endo. he 
was sure that Lily was overinsulinizing and tried to cut her back for 
several weeks before he finally decided her insulin needs were real. 
He was very nice about the whole thing, just worried that there was a 
problem, not pushy.  At the time she was 12 - 13 and using 50+ units 
a day. A few months later her insulin requirements were over 90 units 
a day. This lasted a few weeks and slowly began declining again. I 
recall going into a "real" hamburger joint and seeing her buy and 
wolf down TWO, one-pound cheeseburgers  -- I can't even eat a whole 
one by myself. Anyway, she grew 3 inches that year.

> I have tried to cut her basals back as he suggested but she has been
> high for over a week now so it was refreshing to hear that someone
> else's child is also taking higher amounts of insulin now.

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