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Re: [IPp] 4 sites in 24 hrs....arrgghhh!

Sorry to hear of your problems with sites.  My son is 7 also, but not having
problems with fat sites--he's a hefty 86 lbs.  At first he only let us use
his abdo. but now we use buttocks, hips etc and thankfully  all seems to
work well.  What system are you using?  We have the 508 and are using
sofsets now but we'll be trying silouettes as our nurse prac. thinks she has
seen better results in kids using silouettes.  We had a terrible time last
summer in that his sites fell out when he went swimming, which I encourage
as it does good things for his bg, and when he was sweating.  Hoping the
different set might avoid those problems this summer.  We just went through
about a 2-3 week  period when his numbers were high, for no apparent reason,
and we were going crazy.  Twice I found his basals almost completely erased
and I know he had nothing to do with it.  Finally switched pumps with
mini-med and now we are on smooth sailing again!  Hope you get to better
days soon.  Mary
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Subject: [IPp] 4 sites in 24 hrs....arrgghhh!

> Well, after having essentially no problems for months on the
> pump, we're having problems right & left (literally) with getting
> a good site to pump in for our son Luke, 7.   This past 24 hrs
> we've gone thru 4 sites & a couple of injections - fortunately
> the highest ketones have only been trace, but it's so frustrating
> for mom & dad, and for Luke - well, he's been very brave & accepting .
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