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[IPp] Re: 4 sites in 24 hours

> <<We just changed out the reservoir & tubing because the site is taking
> boluses & going down fine, but it seems like the basals are not getting
> in him to allow his sugars to drop.  He doesn't appear to be getting
> sick either.>>

Shelly, this is exactly the problem that I have had with Claire.  It would 
seem that the boluses worked just fine, but maybe only about half of the 
basal was getting absorbed.  By Christmas I was really a wreck over it, I was 
so depressed.  So we tried a tummy site on December 30--it lasted about 12 
hours before it popped out and caused bgs to go off the meter.  Back to the 
upper butt and all of a sudden we had great absorption for 2 months.  By 
early March, control was a lot worse again, but then I was able to start her 
on the Novolog.  Now with over 3 weeks of the Novolog, things are going 
great.  Wow, what numbers.  I don't know if it will last.  
     I can't say anything to help you with your problem, but did want to let 
you know it happens to us.  It may be possible that he has some sort of 
infection that you can't notice.  Or is anything possibly stressing him out?  
There are so many other things to rule out, but in our case I really believe 
it was mostly poor absorption.
     And I would also like to know when will I be able to use Claire's tummy 
for sites?  She is not really skinny--has always been 75th percentile for 
weight and only 50th percentile for height, but there is not a bit of flab on 
her, her tummy is hard.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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