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[IPp] 4 sites in 24 hrs....arrgghhh!

Well, after having essentially no problems for months on the
pump, we're having problems right & left (literally) with getting
a good site to pump in for our son Luke, 7.   This past 24 hrs
we've gone thru 4 sites & a couple of injections - fortunately
the highest ketones have only been trace, but it's so frustrating
for mom & dad, and for Luke - well, he's been very brave & accepting
of the whole ordeal.  Most of the time we're using Luke's buttocks/
hip area + 1/month we're using his love handles on his back.  We've
had 1 successful belly site in the past 4 months.  His thighs are
leaner than his belly so we've never even tried them.

We just changed out the reservoir & tubing because the site is taking
boluses & going down fine, but it seems like the basals are not getting
in him to allow his sugars to drop.  He doesn't appear to be getting
sick either.

Any suggestions????  Know of any way to make a 7 yr old instantly
grow fat sites?

Shelly V., mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01, MM508 + QuickSets
+ Novolog (since 10/01)

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