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Re: [IPp] basals for teenagers

heck our endo increased her basals when we went. i think one way to lower 
alisha's total insulin intake would be to restrict her foods to only healthy 
choices, but i won't do that to her, i want to make her feel as much as 
normal as she can be, and choosing what foods to eat is one of them, now mind 
you i only buy just so much junk food, ice cream etc every two weeks, and i 
also buy fruit, salad, veggies etc, she eats a random amount of all. (she 
eats way more fruit than the other kids).
she just forgets to bolus for them often. which infuriates me, i know i need 
to relax but seeing 500 or hi on the meter tends to upset me. when all she 
had to do was push a button. ugh.
ours wasn't never has been concerned about the insulin being too much it 
seems they are always increasing it. as long as her basal is about half her 
total usaged they seem happy and so far it stays that way.
i just don't know how others manage on 12 units per day and being a teen too. 
i guess my kid is different, esp since her bs levels are never in the normal 
range for long. maybe a test or two or occ a day or so. our endos shoot for 
close enough, not enough to drive you batty weighing foods etc. but enough 
that their a1c's stay below 8 and over 6. that works for us.
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