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Re: [IPp] New Mini Med pump


I have a girl so this may not be relevent but I DO know that both boys and
girls will require the highest amount of insulin they will ever need in
their lifetimes during their teenage years.

We had originally planned to get a Paradigm but since Laura (age 12) now
uses between 60 and 75 units a day, depending upon her activity level, the
Paradigm would prove to be a royal pain because we would have to change the
insulin every 2 to 2.5 days.  We are also looking at new pumps because my
daughter's current pump is 4 years old and almost out of warranty.  We have
been very pleased with the Disetronic H-Tron but I am sure Laura will want a
new pump this time around.   The Animas isn't as small and cute as the
Paradigm but seems to have the best of both the Minimed 508 and the
Disetronic H-Tron.

Hope this helps.  These insulin need changes came on fast as just last
summer Laura's insulin needs were about half as much as now BUT she started
her period in January and is in full blown into puberty now!  I am really
surprised at how much insulin she requires as she is a skinny normally
active kid (although not particularly athletic).   I do think if she were
muscular and athletic this might also cut down on her insulin needs.


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> Hi Julie,
> Everything that you were told was what I was told and have read.  Except
> battery will last 2 -3 weeks.  The reservoir only has a capacity pf 176
> compared to 300 units.  The waterproof is for only 30minutes.  So my
> interrupation is keep it on for showers but still must disconnect for
> swimming. Yes, at the time of class you must give up your old pump to have
> the new one..   As for supplies, I have spoke with mini- med customer
> and then informed me if its full boxes its not a problem, half boxes they
> have not decided yet on what to do.  That was as of last week.
> I like everything about th new one - except two things.  The battery
thing, I
> just plan to change it every week. Once a week like on Sunday morning or
> something - to keep on a schedule.  Also I am not sure if the reservoir
> be enough for my son for four years.  He is 11 years old and takes about
> units a day by the time you add an extra 20 units or so - we are already
> about 150 units.  My question is what does a typical boy age say 14 uses
>  insulin a day????? I can't compare girls I know that - one of his
> nurses uses less than him already she is close to 30 years old.  BTW, my
> is very skinny and small for his age he just eats a lot.
> Now I understand the new pump will be very easy to fill and get rid of
> airbubbles.  That is a big plus to me.  I hate those little bubbles!!!!
> In our area, we will not get the new pump till June and I think we have
> through August to decide.  I think we are waiting till August.  As my son
> my husband will go overseas for a month in July and we don't want any
> problems of having to adjust to a new pump.  Has anyone who uses a pump
> it on an airplane for a 15 hour trip - any problems with altitiude or
> anything??????
> Thanks, Sherry (Son - Adam 11 years old DX 8/2000)
> >>I went to a meeting on the new pump by mini med and I am curious if
> has heard about the following:
> 1.  The new pump uses a double A Battery and will only last about 1 week.
> Also when the alarm goes off for a low battery you really won't know how
> much battery you have left because its not Mini-meds.
> 2.  The pump is waterproof but only for 1/2 hour at a time.
> 3.  The reservoir is smaller and for some people will mean changing the
> every 2 days.
> 4.  I was surprised to see that the pump is really not much smaller and
> no clip on it so you have to carry it in a case that looks like a beeper
> holder.  Which when you put this on the pump to me it almost appeared
> bigger?
> 5.  We were told that we will have to give up our 508 right at the time of
> the class teaching us about the paradigm.  Most likely Mini-med will not
> replace all of the supplies we have in stock.
> 6.  Also the clock that appears all the time on the 508 is not present
> unless you go to one of the screens.
> Does anyone have the new pump and maybe comment on some of these things.
> are trying to gather as much info as we can so we make the right decision.
> At first I was really looking forward to it but now I am thinking that
> I like the 508 better.?
> Comments/
> julie<<
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