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re: [IPp] Novolog highs

<<"Monterey Counseling Center" <email @ redacted>
Our 1st week on Novolog has been high, very high.  Done extra set
changes and corrections.  Corrections not even holding.  Almost seems
like she needs her basals increased.  Could be something other than
the insulin though - maybe she's getting sick?  We'll give it longer.>>

We found that switching to Novolog did require some basal adjustments -
Luke's overall daily rate stayed the same but we had to change the
individual rates around (Luke's on 6 different rates/day).  I wouldn't
wait any longer - a week is plenty of time to see a pattern for
basals.  Pick one & start working on it - our endo recommends working
on the morning b.g. first if that's consistently out of range but
certainly focus as your med. team recommends.

It can always be something other than the insulin, but if that's the
only change you made, then that would be the first thing I would
suspect.  With Luke, if he's getting sick, his b.g.'s go up a day
or so before - and then he does get sick.  If she's gone a week now
& she's not sick yet, she's probably not getting sick - although
YMMV - maybe she normally has b.g.'s go up 1 week before an illness.
(I would hate that - it would make finding the problem more diff.).

Good luck to you,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01, on Novolog since
10/01 & to Trevor 11 & Kate 9

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