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[IPp] Re: preschool problem

Well, since I posted I spoke with the head master and the teacher.  
Apparently they are concerned about a liability issue.  Which I understand 
but for goodness sake she is only there 2 1/2 hours and her sugars are 
checked when she is dropped off, after 1 1/2 hours before snack and I check 
her when I pick her up.  So it is not like she's going any real extended 
amount of time without a finger stick.  

When I spoke with the headmaster I told him that I understood the need for 
them to feel that she is safe and that they are comfortable with the 
situation.  I also told them I appreciated the fact that they have been 
accommodating with all aspects of Shannon's enrollment.  They have complied 
with everything.  I told them I had 2 problems with the situation at hand.  
First that they had apparently discussed this previously without me and came 
to a decision and thus sprung this decision on me at 7:45 in the morning 
without offering me any alternative options except to keep her home from 
school that day since my schedule was not permitting me to stay.  I also said 
that I did not think that it was beneficial for Shannon to have me in the 
classroom all day (OK only 2 1/2 hours ;0) )I really think that it sends her 
the wrong message about her diabetes care. They seemed to understand.  But 
they really want me on school grounds on the days when the nurse and the 
substitute nurse are not there.

They seemed to understand my points.  I don't know that anything was really 
resolved.  Granted there is usually a substitute nurse present so the chances 
of this occurring are small.  But obviously this needs to be addressed.  We 
are actually meeting with the teacher on Tuesday for her parent/teacher 
conference.  Also there is only 2 months left in the school year and there is 
a good chance that she will be in the public preschool program next year so I 
don't know how much I should rock the boat on this.  Oh what to do.  I don't 
want to make a mountain out of a mole hill but at the same time if she does 
not get into the public preschool next year I will be dealing with them all 
next year.  I guess then I could put a more rigid set of rules in place.  I 
don't know if a 504 is applicable in preschool.  Anyone else know?  I also 
believe that even though it is a private school someone told me once that in 
New Jersey (where we live) that some private school nurses are actually paid 
by the state.  Which to me then would kind of change things because then 
wouldn't that mean that the school is receiving government assistance and 
then must comply with the state laws about what is mandatory for diabetic 
care?  I know in New Jersey there was a special protocol set forth 
specifically for the care of diabetic children in public schools.  I guess I 
really need to do some more research instead of just asking all these 
questions.  Sorry for all the blabbing!  :0) Thanks for listening!

Tammy, wife to David
Mom to Shannon, 4, dx'd 2/99, pumping 3/01
& Kaitlyn 1 1/2 and running wild!
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