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[IPp] preschool problem

 Anyway the reason for my distress this morning is at 7:45am I received a call from Shannon's teacher informing me that the nurse was out sick today and that she and the head master had decided last week that from now on when the nurse was out sick I would have to come and stay the day in the classroom. Needless to say at 7:45 am I was speechless.

Dear Tammy, I am the secretary for a small Christian school here in Alaska.  I hope I can offer a few ideas for you and the for the next time the nurse is sick.  Our school has three girls with D (my daughter is one).  There are times when I need to leave the school (deposits, check the mail, shopping, etc.) and even though the teachers are familiar with D and have been trained, I carry my cell phone in case they need me, plus the girls' moms have home and cell phone numbers posted in the office "just in case."  Seems to me that anyone with half a willingness to help can be talked through a problem if they can call you.  There has never been a time when we felt a mom had to come to the school -- especially for the entire day -- just in case something *might* happen.

The loveliness of the pump is that we can help our kids be kids.  You are right in thinking that it is not fair to you, Shannon, or Kaitlyn
to have to spend the day at school.  Perhaps if you could offer the school an alternative plan, like a cell phone number, so they will feel more comfortable with her there alone.  I'm sure they are wanting to protect Shannon (as well as themselves).  Please let us know how this is resolved.  
Alaska Debbie
Mom to Katie, 11, dx'd 9/97 and
pumping with "Pumpkin" since 8/99

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