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[IPp] Re: Novolog

<<I've not heard anything about Novolog from our peds endo and I was there
just today.  What is the difference between it and humalog?>>

Michael gave you a great technical description of Novolog.  But you may be 
just wanting a more simple one.  
     Humalog is manufactured by Lilly.  Novolog is made by Novo-Nordisk and 
is their version of a fast-acting insulin.  It has only very recently been 
made available for sale in Canada, and was introduced into the USA last year. 
  I don't know if the formulation of NPH insulin made by Lilly and 
Novo-Nordisk is exactly the same--both appeared to not work on Claire the 
same way.  But the Humalog and Novolog are slightly different, as Michael has 
described.  The action profiles of both, however, are similar.  However, in 
some people Novolog seems to just work better in their bodies, compared to 
Humalog.  This isn't true for everyone, and if Humalog is working well for 
your child, you don't need to worry about trying out Novolog. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire, 8 today!  
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