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[IPp] preschool problem

I'm trying not to blow this out of proportion so am turning to you guys to 
let me know if I should be upset about this.  I am rather upset right now but 
not sure if it warrants.

My DD has been attending a private Christian preschool which is part of a 
Christian school for children kindergarten thru 8th grade.  One of the 
primary reasons for us sending her here is because they have a full time 
nurse.  From the very beginning they have been open and accommodating on all 
aspects of Shannon's care.  The nurse, Shannon's teacher and the teacher's 
aide all went on their own time to attend a private pump class at my endo's 
office --  willingly...without any pressure.  The nurse and I have worked out 
a contact system that has been working quite well...with only a few bump 
along the way. 

Anyway the reason for my distress this morning is at 7:45am I received a call 
from Shannon's teacher informing me that the nurse was out sick today and 
that she and the head master had decided last week that from now on when the 
nurse was out sick I would have to come and stay the day in the classroom.  
Needless to say at 7:45 am I was speechless.  I have a previous commitment 
today and cannot do this, so based on these new restrictions Shannon cannot 
attend school today.  I am stunned and don't know how to handle this.  The 
school has been wonderful up to this point, very accommodating and willing to 
discuss and work things out.  But I feel that having me stay in the room is 
not fair, not only to me and my 20 month old daughter who would have to also 
go to school with me, but to Shannon.  I think it sends a negative message to 

Any thoughts or comments on this would be appreciated.  Hoping to hear from 
you too Michael! :0)

Tammy, wife to David
Mom to Shannon, 4, dx'd 2/99, pumping 3/01
& Kaitlyn 1 1/2 and running wild!
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