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Re: [IPp] Re: Switching a child to Novolog--follow-up

> I've not heard anything about Novolog from our peds endo and I was
> there just today.  What is the difference between it and humalog?

All modern insulins and insulin analogs are what is called "human"
insulin. That means that they are replications of human insulin
reproduced by recombinant DNA technology. In plain english, the
insulin is reproduced by bacteria in a vat.  Insulin and insulin
analogs are comprised of very long chains of molecules. The insulin
analogs are essentially identical to "real" insulin except that one
(Novlog) or two (Humalog) of the molecules have been moved or

In Humalog the amino acids at positions 28(lys) and 29(pro) on the
insulin B chain are reversed. In Novolog/NovoRapid, the amino acid
proline in position 28 of the insulin B chain is replace with a
molecule of aspartic.

Hope that helps.

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