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[IPp] Re: Switching a child to Novolog--follow-up

Thanks to everyone who offered advice to this question a few weeks ago.
  Claire has been on Novolog (Novorapid in Canada) for 20 days now.  Things 
have been going just great, I'm very pleased.  We have only had one day of 
high bgs on the Novolog and this was on the 4th day of the first site with 
it.  After one week, she started having mild lows quite frequently, easily 
treated with a bit of sweets.   So far I have not changed any basals, but I 
think I will have to do so. 
      I cannot say for sure whether these lows are due to the Novolog, or due 
to increased activity, as we have just gone into our first sustained period 
of good summery weather, having had a record-setting cold March.  Also, I 
have noticed every spring a drop in insulin requirements, no matter what the 
weather is.  For instance, in Ireland even though it was spring, nothing 
really changed weather wise, and the kids didn't go outside any more often, 
but Claire still began to require less insulin.    But perhaps the increased 
day length (very noticeable in Ireland due to its high latitude) is the 
     We will stick with the Novolog for now and hope for continued good 
results.  With Humalog, it would work well for awhile with Claire, then seem 
to not work as consistently.   But we did have a 2 month period where it 
worked great.  So if Novolog can surpass this 2 month record,  I will be 
really pleased.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire, still 7
dx 4/97, pumping 4/01
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