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Re: [IPp] School/phones

> in the schools around here if they are caught with a cell phone it
> is confiscated and not ever returned. i have how ever sent a cell
> phone with alisha for a while when she was in the 6th grade. she
> just kept it in her pocket, it was small. made her feel better
> knowing she could call me if she needed too, and usually did on the
> walk home, which several times she went low and we had to go get
> her. you might want to check the policy and get something in writing
> so hers won't be taken away, i didn't but i did let them know about
> it after she had it for a couple of weeks.

Just make it a requirement of her 504 plan, doesn't matter what 
school policy is, it is a medical safety issue and they cannot 
refuse if you mandate it in her 504.

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