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Re: [IPp] School/phones

In a message dated 4/8/2002 11:20:52 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My 12yo has had a cell ph for years.  She pumps.  I don't even ask
>  if they are allowed, because I don't care.  She will use her cell phone
>  whenever and wherever she pleases.  The school, or anybody else,
>  does not have the option of telling her she can't.

That's been pretty much our attitude -- although we do have her keep the 
phone powered off at school when she is not using it so there are no incoming 
calls to disturb the class.  She also knows that during class time, she only 
uses the phone for health & safety related calls -- if she wants to arrange a 
sleepover or something she needs to wait until lunch or after school . . . 
abuse has never been a problem.  

Her classroom teacher has always known she has the phone and this year, I 
actually wrote it into her health plan.  So, she now has official 
authorization  for unrestricted access to that cell phone in relation to her 
diabetes management, just like her meter and all of her other supplies. As 
far as I'm concern, her being able to contact one of her parents or her CDE 
for consultation on her diabetes management or for help trouble shoot a pump 
problems if she feels the need is essential to her health and safety at 

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