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[IPp] Re: Basals

Hi Jocelyn,
     Now that our weather is finally a lot better I  have the same problem 
with Claire.  She is quite a bit younger, so I wouldn't want her to try temp 
basals on her own.  What we have done is for her to always carry candy to eat 
if she feels low when playing.  Would Brian do this instead?  Have some 
sweets or glucose tabs in his pocket to just pop in his mouth when needed.  I 
guess this depends on whether he can feel a low in enough time to stop it.  
Often Claire is playing vigorously, and has to just stop and eat the sweets 
and sit out for 10 minutes.  Its a really difficult balance.  Maybe you could 
work out some sort of schedule--eg. 20 minutes of basketball might equal 6 
jelly beans or something like that.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

<<> It is school
> vacation this week and yesterday for example he had anywhere from 2 - 7
> friends over the house playing basketball on our basketball court - playing 
> at
> least 6 hours.  The court is lit, so they don't even have to stop when its
> dark.  He does not like to disconnect for these types of activities, 
> because
> they do stop and have snacks and drinks and having to reconnect is a pain.  
> I
> would like him to set a temp. basal, or even suspend his pump, but he
> "forgets".  How have any of you dealt with this?  Sometimes I think his
> "forgetting" or just not doing anything is kind of his way to pretend he
> doesn't have diabetes.  >>
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