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[IPp] basals

My son is 12.  He has been pumping for 13 months and doing fine.  We have his
basals set so that they seem to do what we want them too.  He can sleep in,
skip meals etc and stay pretty much within range.  He boluses when he needs
to, corrects if high so things would seem OK.  He disconnects his pump when
participating in organized sports (of which he does a lot).  But, here is our
problem.  My son is very active on days off from school.  It is school
vacation this week and yesterday for example he had anywhere from 2 - 7
friends over the house playing basketball on our basketball court - playing at
least 6 hours.  The court is lit, so they don't even have to stop when its
dark.  He does not like to disconnect for these types of activities, because
they do stop and have snacks and drinks and having to reconnect is a pain.  I
would like him to set a temp. basal, or even suspend his pump, but he
"forgets".  How have any of you dealt with this?  Sometimes I think his
"forgetting" or just not doing anything is kind of his way to pretend he
doesn't have diabetes.  I can't take it away, and I don't want to make it more
of a pain for him, but there is some work involved.  Any suggestions would be

Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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