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Re: [IPm] Re: CDE Requirements

>I know that, as of 2000, RN's had to
>have their BSN degree, too.  If you call the NCBDE (National Certification
>Board of Diabetes Educators) they can mail you an application.  The testing
>fee is at least $250.00.  You take the exam every 5 years.
>Good Luck!
>Grace Gibson, RD, LD,CDE

The NCBDE has not change the Criteria for a RN as of now an RN does not 
have to have a BSN.  they were pushing for it but it has not changed:

The applicant must hold a current unrestricted United States license as a 
registered nurse, pharmacist, physician, physician assistant, podiatrist, 
physical therapist, or occupational therapist, or registration as a 
dietician by the Commission On Dietetic Registration, OR be a health care 
professional with a minimum of a master's degree from a United States 
college or university in one of the following areas of health care 
practice: nutrition, social work, clinical psychology, exercise physiology, 
health education or specified areas of study in public health.*

I have emailed them that same question and no BSN required as of yet.

Brian Carter
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