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[IPm] Survey for residents if you would read and forward as appropriate

Hello members of the IP medical professionals mail list. 

One the market researchers that has worked with us in the past sent 
me this note about Career Preferences Medical Resident Survey. If it 
is appropriate for your organization, please forward.

Best regards,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers

We wanted to send you an update on our Career Preferences Medical  
Resident Survey - we4re six days in and it's going very well! Thank  
you to everyone who has had time to help - as of Sunday afternoon, 
151  people have responded, with an incredible response from many of 
you -  huge thanks in particular to Drs. Skyler, Kaufman, Edelman, 
and  Hirsch. Hospitals you're associated with have given us 113 
responses,  or nearly 80% of the total. In addition to UCSD, 
University of  Florida, University of Miami, LA Children's, and St. 
Louis U, we've  also had several responses from Santa Barbara (thank 
you Drs.  Jovanovic and Zisser!), UTSW, Dartmouth, Georgetown, 
Kaiser, CPMC, and  UCSF. We are doing EVERYTHING we can think of but 
we still need 250  internal medicine resident and 299 pediatric 
responses in order to  reach statistical significance. It's a good 
start and we so hope you   can help us gain momentum early this week. 
We are attempting to finish  the survey by November 1 so time is of 
the essence. If you would be willing and haven't done so already, we 
would  appreciate it if you could send this message around to senior  
colleagues with this introduction: 	"With the increase in type 1 
diabetes of 3 percent per year and the  explosion of type 2 in adults 
and children over the last decade, we  need more doctors interested 
in pursuing careers in endocrinology.  This 		survey is meant to find 
out from internal medicine and  pediatric why they are not interested 
- or might be interested - in  endocrinology. We will ultimately use 
these results to determine ways  to enhance the 		endocrine 
workforce." Please note we are not disclosing to participants 
anything that might  bias them. So the above note is great to send to 
anyone who has  influence over IM or pediatric residents and if you 
could please urge  them to send the paragraph below (NOT the one 
above - that is for  explanation only) that would be great. If you 
are writing directly to  a chief resident who could send out the 
offer or an IM or pediatric  resident themselves please send out only 
the one below (and if you  think there is any concern that they'll 
spill the beans, please just   send the note below).  

"This is a survey examining internal medicine and pediatric medical  
resident career decisions; it is short and there is a small 
Thank you! Here is the link:  www.closeconcerns.com/residentsurvey"
We still need plenty of help: now that we're 20% of the way to our  
goal (750 responses), we can see that your influence is what is  
driving responses. When asked how they heard about the survey,  
virtually 100% said they received the survey by email from their  
program director or chief resident, and we know you got the survey  
into their hands! If you know anyone that could get to a program  
director or chief resident for internal medicine or pediatric  
programs, please help!

The other person we would LOVE to get to is anyone at the American  
Medical Association or the American College of Physicians - we have 
no  contacts there and we know they could help. Do you know anyone 
there   or anyone that could help find someone there who would help 
us send a  note to all IM or all pediatric residents? The early 
survey responses have been fascinating thus far. These are   early 
(n=151) impressions but we wanted to share with you a little  what we 
are hearing. The background on the 151 -- >Seventy percent of  
respondents are in internal medicine, 30% in pediatrics, and nearly  
75% are in their first or second year of residency. 40% have had  
extensive experience with patients with diabetes and less than 20%  
have had only little experience or none. 7      A high percentage 
(nearly 40%) have said they have seriously  considered a career in 
endocrinology. This is roughly the same  percentage of residents that 
has seriously considered cardiology and   critical care, and a bit 
higher than the percent that has seriously  considered infectious 
disease and GI.  Substantially more residents  appear to be 
interested in diabetes than in other areas like  nephrology and 

Despite high interest, so far, only six out of 151  (4%) of IM/ 
pediatric residents plan to become endocrinologists (i.e., cited  
endocrinology as the sub-specialty that they plan to practice).
When asked in an open-ended question about reasons that might  
explain the relative shortage of endocrinologists, poor patient  
adherence and financial compensation have arisen frequently. Early  
response suggests that lifestyle is a major driver of career choice:  
ironically for you all, endocrinology is scoring well above average 
on  that front.

While the analysis is still too preliminary to say if our hypothesis 
about not enough people wanting to go into endocrinology has merit,  
the early data is pointing to a general lack of enthusiasm for  
pursuing endocrinology. We would very much like to contribute to the 
data in this area and suggest some answers, but we need about 600 
more  residents to respond. If you don't know any program directors 
or chief  residents, we would SO appreciate if you could think 
creatively about  who you know who might know them.

PS As of Monday  morning we now have 179 respondents! Loyola and St. 
John's in Detroit  and Tufts are the latest big additions....  

Kelly L. Close
Close Concerns
T. 415 241 9500
M. 415 518 5336
email @ redacted

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