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Re: [IPm] Pruritis with Humalog and Novolog

> Any suggestions:
> 40 y.o. Male, type I DM X 10 years.  Humalog pump x 2 years with no
> problems.  Developed severe pruritis, no rash, no site problems. 
> Resolved at once on Humilin-L injections.  Converted to Novolog pump
> therapy for 6 months with no problems, then intense pruritis. 
> Again, no urticaria or site problems. Resolved with Humilin-L
> injections and discontinuation of pump.
> Is this an allergy to insulin analogs, or to m-cresol preservative ?
>  How does one test for this?  Can this be a true allergic response
> in the absence of urticaria ?
> Thanks,
> Tip McKnight

Out of the ~4000 IP members I know of 2 (one in the US and one in NZ) 
that have developed similar problems but only with humalog. Both are 
currently using Novolog without any problems. I can put you in 
contact with them if it you think it would be helpful. Both switched 
to Velosulin some time ago then tried Novolog when it became 
available to them within the last year.

email @ redacted
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