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[IPm] Need help with an article for Diabetes Interview


I am working on an article for Diabetes Interview about home A1C testing 
kits. It's a lead-in article for a chart on all of the kits available, to be 
published in the December 2002 issue.

I basically have three questions: Would you recommend a home A1C testing kit 
for any of your patients? Why or why not? What kind of person would be a good 
candidate for home A1C testing? If you have any other comments about home A1C 
testing kits, please feel free to include that as well.

Please respond to me privately at email @ redacted and don't forget to include 
your full name, degrees and certifications, town and the practice, clinic, 
etc., you are affiliated with.


Jan Chait, Editor
Diabetes Interview
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
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