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Re: [IPm] contraindications for birth controll pills

Diabetic women can safely take bith control pills, with their doctor's 
approval.  The woman should closely monitor her blood glucose as any form of 
hormonal medication may adverself effect BG.  Most OB/GYN's know that a BC 
pill low in "mestranols" ( a form of the female hormone used) is better for a 
woman with diabetes.  There is a new pill on the market called Alesse-28, I 
used this quite safely with no adverse effect a couple years ago.  (I have 
had diabetes for 30 years and am on a pump with an A1c of 5.6-5.8)  As 
always, if the woman has a history of blood clots, hypertension, hepatoma, or 
if she smokes, she should find an alternative form of birth control with no 
cardiovascular side effects.
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