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Re: [IPm] Fwd: [d-support] Very bad day...

Alpha lipoic acid does not absorb glucose.  It is an anti-oxidant so that some
people might explain its usefulness in terms of absorbing glucose to say that
counteracts the effects of glucose on tissue.

Dr. Joe

At 05:21 PM 5/2/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>I got this Question and was hoping someone here knows anything about it?
>>I wanted to ask if anyone has read, heard or been told that Lipoic Acid
>>absorbs sugar.  I read an article yesterday and I was wondering if I should
>>ask our endo about it, although, I do not always trust what the endo says.
>>He still says Sydney needs the NPH..and I do not agree...I think she would
>>be better using the Lente or Ulta Lente with the Humalog.
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