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[IPm] Medicare Pump Legislation - PLEASE READ THIS POST

REPLY TO: email @ redacted Timely responses are very important

This was sent to me by a list member and I hope that many of you will 
respond. The database the Insulin Pumpers has collected is private, 
so the numbers that Kim is looking for are not available for 
individuals. If each of you could respond directly to Kim, I am sure 
it would be appreciated.

While your at it, for those of you who have not yet added your stats 
to the Insulin Pumpers' database, please take the time to fill out 
the "Insulin Pumpers Information Form" on the MEMBERS ONLY page of 
the web site. As a bonus, you get a dot on the Insulin Pumpers map!

email @ redacted

----------------- letter follows ----------------------
Kim Hill works very diligently on Capitol Hill, lobbying for 
Medicare coverage of insulin pumps and supplies. His seven year 
"crusade" has been profiled in Disetronic's news letter in 1997. This 
has been a long struggle, with some work remaining.

Kim's requesting some information that only insulin pumpers can
provide - personal stories that can go directly to the people who
"make the decisions", stories that can persuade legislators that
insulin pump therapy is effective and cost beneficial.

I think this request deserves posting to the list, with a clear
statement asking that responses go directly to Kim Hill at
email @ redacted Timely responses are very important.

Kim wrote:
The senate has informed me that I will be going back to Washington DC
in regard to my legislation concerns.

They have requested me to gather two bits of information from at least
100 people using insulin pumps.

1. They would like to know what the average HbA1c was before starting
on the insulin pump, and what the average is now that they have been
using pump therapy.

2. They would like to know how trips to emergency room and or
hospitals for inpatient stays were made on a yearly basis for diabetes
related conditions, and how many are being made after they started
using pump therapy.

I know that insulin-pumpers has a graph on question number "1" but I
believe that the senate would like actual comments from insulin

Is there anyway you can address this on the insulin-pumpers chat and
have the pumpers to e-mail me with their personal answers?

I have until the first week of June to get them together.

Take care:


email @ redacted 
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