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RE: [IPm] 8yo with clogged canula

The Diabetes Specialist for your area would be happy to meet with you to
provide assistance in dealing with this problem & providing alternatives
that may help to alleviate the problem.  You could also speak with the
clinical services helpline to discuss this as well 800 6464633.

Diabetes Nurse Specialist, 
Medtronic MiniMed
412 492 4023  fax
800-MiniMed, ext 2711  voicemail
email @ redacted

Info: www.minimed.com 
Training: https://pumpschool.minimed.com
Supplies: http://store.minimed.com 
Kids/Education: www.PumpExpeditions.com 
Online Store: http://store.minimed.com
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Paradigm(r) Pathway(tm) Program:

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we have an 8 yo girl on the Paradigm 715 insulin pump with silohuette
We notice that about 1 in 5 canulas get clogged.
Has anybody had this problem?
any suggestions?

Luis F. Mejia, MD
Tel 57-4-2317025
FAX 57-4-5137042
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