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[IPm] Diabetic Hamsters


Do you still work with diabetic hamsters?  At one time you mentioned 
"hamster insulin" and indicated that you made your own.  Is this 
something that does not require a major effort?   Since I still have 
my name and Spooky's records up on that Animal Diabetes Support site, 
I've gotten a few letters asking for advice about hamsters.  One lady 
has opted to get her dwarf hamster on insulin and does have her vet 
working with her.  Perhaps that is best, we wouldn't want to incur 
any wrath of an upset hamster owner who may not know the problems 
inherent in treating diabetes with injections.   Never mind, just a 
passing thought.      ;>)

Hope the weather is starting to improve for you.  We're supposed to 
be in the 60's today and no rain!

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