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Re: [IPm] E-News 3/12/2000

If you read this article a tad more closely, you'll notice that it is filled 
with passive voice:  "it is thought,"   "it appears,"  "researchers hope."  
You know what?  It is thought that someday Ed McMahon may appear on my 
doorstep, and I hope to become very wealthy, but until that dream becomes a 
reality, I'll keep my mouth shut and not get my hopes up.  Thirty years ago 
when I was diagnosed with DM, my physician at Joslin in Boston told me that 
"they" were on the verge of a cure, and that I probably wouldn't have to 
worry about taking insulin for too much longer.  And guess what?  I'm still 
waiting.  When I open your e-mail, I do it with the hope that it contains 
information that will help me NOW, I don't choose to read the news equivalent 
of alien life landing in the desert.  Pay attention to what you print, you 
are rapidly achieving "National Enquirer" status.
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