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Re: [IPm] Re: Insulin shipping

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

> This may be a dumb question but clearly you've addressed this shipping issue
> at length.  When they ship parcel post, ie Texas to IL, Isn't this going in
> cargo holds in planes and the backs of 18 wheelers and such?   How do the
> mailing companies that you've talked to assure temperature control?  Or do

They don't assure anything.

> they lie to you that they won't send it that way and do it anyway?   Even
> going in a cool pack by express (in the hotter months) couldn't this stuff
> freeze at 30,000 feet?
Probably not, the soak time is not long enough.

> I have the option to buy at local pharmacy or mail order, the first time PCS
> shipped it to me next day air with a cool pac.  This time, because it's not
> the summer, they shipped by 3 day parcel post (to my po box which is as least
> no sitting on my porch.)  A little cheaper to use mail order but I'm wondering
> if I should.
You're probably all right. Complain if you get parcel post and you are 
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