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Re: [IPm] Re: Insulin shipping

On Mon, 22 Mar 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

> Michael
> Are you referring to mail order companies or about local pharmacies too?  Does
> Lilly have to ship TO the local drugstores, or do the locals arrange their own
> through company warehouses, etc.?

Both actually, but in different ways. The mail order guys are the worst. 
Firms like Merck Medco cut corners by shipping insulin in cardboard boxes 
parcel post instead of coolpaks air express. The big pharmacies use 
trucks to haul stuff around and they are not refrigerated. Once in the 
pharmacy, insulin is usually kept in the fridge.

I talked with Lilly specifically about Merck Medco and was told that they 
have had several conversations with them and have been assured that they 
follow Lilly's shipping and storage recommendations. Of course, I still 
get things shipped to me parcel post. Someone lies!! The individual 
pharmacy companies probably take better care of things than the mail 
order firms, but that is speculation on my part. Merck is under contract 
to provide drugs at a capitated rate, they have a huge incentive to cut 
corners and they do! in spite of their denial to Lilly.

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