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Re: [IPm] Forming a Medical Advisory Board, volunteers needed

Hi Michael, This is an excellent idea.  I would be happy to serve in this 
capacity.  A brief bio:  I am an RNCDE, MS, MEd, CSS for Disetronic, and 
Hostess for the Disetronic Chat as well as Ask The Expert.  I have begun 
approximately two hundred people with diabetes on the insulin pump and have 
followed them making adjustments, etc.  I have also been a consultant for J& 
J, Lilly, Pfizer (actually made a video)!  My special interest is female 
issues such as menses and effect of estrogen/progesterone on blood sugars.  I 
plan to write a paper on this in the future.  Let me know if you need more 
date.  Oh, yes, I founded the Diabetes Comprehensive Care Program along with 
Dr. Will Cefalu at Wake Forest University Medical Center.  I left about a 
year and a half ago to develop my own company, HealthConcepts here in NC.  
Look forward to hearing from you.  TC, Fran
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