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[IPm] CDE outreach programs...

Hi all...

	Our hospital (100-bed size, community hosp in southern RI) is considering
restructuring our outpatient diabetes management programs.  The plan/hope
is to include CDE outreach sessions with the goal of allowing local
internists the opportunity to utilize DM educational resources as provided
by a previously hospital-based CDE.  As a multi-disciplinary team CDE
myself, I am quite thrilled with this idea!  A few questions to which your
feedback would be invaluable in attempting to forward the role of the CDE
in community education... anyone out there doing something like this
already(?) & if so, how is it working?  If you don't mind me asking, where
does reimbursement stand around the country (past, present, future?) - with
regards to CDE sessions?  In the past I have seen tremendous variability in
hourly session fees for CDE consult..... anyone willing to share averages
for their area of the country?  

	Your professional input & experience are GREATLY appreciated!  Thank-you
in advance for sharing.

Kind regards,

Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE
<email @ redacted>
South County Hospital
Wakefield, Rhode Island

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