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[IPm] Help 2 questions

Below is a correspondence I have had with MiniMed on the  Insulin Activity 
program on their pump (paradigm 512/712) and I just need your opinion and 
any help making since on how they got the answers they got from this article:


(if the article does not show up I will post a different link)

Here is the email I sent and their responses:


Dear Mr. Carter,

We apologize for the delay in replying to your message. We recently
had a problem with mail getting misrouted. The problem has been
corrected and response time should be back to normal.

The Bolus Wizard calculates bolus amounts based the insulin sensitivity
and insulin to carbohydrate ratios that you have programmed into the
pump. It also uses an algorithm to determine how much active insulin
remains in the body based on insulin absorption rates derived from
insulin properties provided to us from the insulin manufacturers. The
factors used to calculate active insulin cannot be changed or

The Bolus Wizard will not calculate a bolus if your BG is less the 70
mg/dL. A bolus has to be manually programmed if desired.

The Bolus Wizard calculations are designed to be conservative. This
reduces the risk of hypoglycemia as a result of too much insulin being
delivered due to overestimation during correction boluses. We understand
that this conservative approach may, at times, result in the need for an
additional delivery of insulin.

Medtronic MiniMed

Original Message Follows:
Following customer has requested information regarding: Technical
First Name:       Brian
Last Name:        Carter
Country:          United States
Phone:            --
Email:            email @ redacted

Inquiry concerning:
         Who: Customer
         Country: United States

         Topic: Technical Assistance
         Inquiry Topic:Technical Assistance
         Product: Pumps
         Comments: I am just wondering what the default "active insulin" is 
at.  Its the insulin the 712 pump calculates as still working in your
system.  I am guessing it is set at 8 hours.  Is there any way to change
this?  I find it annoying to over ride it each time I eat (seeing that
most people eat about 6-8 hours apart and the miss calculation of the
correction is annoying)..  seeing on the Humalog site the insulin is out
of the body in 6 hours and for me it is less than that.

Also just to make sure if I check my BG and I get a reading less than 70
the pump does not allow me to use the bolus calculator.  This is correct
right?  At the time of a meal I will correct the low and set up my bolus
for the meal..

Thank you

=========================   #2   =====================

I am just wondering what information the insulin makers provided you.  I 
was just checking my info and I just got off the phone with both insulin 
producers (humalog and novolog) and here is the info they quoted me:

Onset:  10-20 minutes  Peak: 1-3 hours Duration: 3-5 hours

Onset: 15-30 minutes  Peak: 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours  Duration: <5 hours

Seeing both is considerably less than the time set for active insulin in 
your pump of 8 hours (or thats what I figure it is at am I wrong?).

Seeing that Novolog is the only insulin approved for pump use at this time 
it should be set at 5 hours or even 6 hours if you want to be conservative.

I am interested in what information you received..


=================There Response=================

Dear Brian,

Attached you will find the information you requested. Please write back
or call our Product Helpline at (800) 826-2099 should you require
additional assistance.

Medtronic MiniMed

This is where they attached the linked article above.

Brian Carter
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