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Re: [IPm] question

I cannot give you any direct information from experience nor the literature 
in this situation.  I cannot see why they would even being a literature 
because I think that just plain doing it is the right thing.  I cannot see 
any contraindication.

Dr. Joe

At 11:27 AM 1/11/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I apologise for asking a question so soon after joining the list, but the 
>need is urgent.
>Does anyone have any experience with using the insulin pump in a young 
>child with a VP (ventricular peritonial) shunt?  Are there any 
>We have a young child with Down's syndrome and a VP shunt subsequent to 
>neurological complications, and type 1 diabetes who has requested 
>assessment for the pump.  We can find nothing in the standard literature 
>which addresses this combination.
>We are a small clinic in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.  I'm dietitian 
>with the clinic - and I'm elected to be on-line because I'm most 
>comfortable with the computer.  At the moment we have about 150 children 
>in our clinic, with about 25 pumpers.
>I'm looking forward to learning more about the experience of others.
>Janet von Weiler
>Janet von Weiler
>Dietitian, Paediatrics
>Saint John Regional Hospital
>Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
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